What We Grow

A family tradition since 1918

What we grow


Fall is the best time of the year! Stop on in to try over 20 varieties of locally grown apples in our store. Our family works hard all year to bring you the best apples in Western New York.

We know we have an apple for your taste!

Current Varieties In Stock:

2020 Apples
Premier Honeycrisp
Autumn Crisp
Cornell Exp. #1
Cornell Exp. 702
Ginger Gold
Paula Red

Varieties: (approximate pick date)

Ginger Gold (8/20), Paulared (8/20), Jerseymac (9/1), Jonamac (9/7), Gala (9/15), McIntosh (9/16), Twenty-Once (9/18), Honey Crisp (9/18), Cortland (9/20), SnapDragon (9/26) Empire (9/26), Golden Delicious (9/28), Macoun (9/28), Northern Spy (10/5), Red Delicious (10/5), Ambrosia (10/10), CrimsonCrisp (10/12) Cameo (10/14), Jonagold (10/6), Crispin (10/8), Idared (10/16), Russets (10/20), Fuji (10/22), Evercrisp (10/24)



Come taste our mouthwatering peaches starting in the beginning of August lasting through mid-September.


Redhaven, Glohaven, Garrett Beauty, Madison, PF1, Cresthaven.



Along with our tasty cherries, our family offers U-Pick red and black raspberries, a unique berry in Rochester, NY. Whether you are looking for the sweet taste of red raspberries or the tart taste of blacks, we have you covered.


Prelude, Encore, Titan, Jewel (black raspberry).

Unfortunately, we do not have fall raspberries.



Our family grows over 5 acres of cherries. Some of our cherry trees date back generations, while we are consistently planning new varieties.

We have several different varieties of sweet cherries and Montmorency Sour Cherries. Local cherry season starts toward the end of June and goes until the middle of July. The season is short and weather dependent, so come and get them while you can.


Benton, Bing, Emperor Francis (Queen Anne), Windsor, Ulster, and sour cherries.


Be sure to call us at 888.277.5370 or check our website for current information.

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