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U Pick Apples

A family tradition since 1918

U-Pick Guidelines

Before visiting the farm, please review the rules below:

  • No dogs
  • No glass bottles
  • Carry it in, carry it out

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Sweet Maia

Picking: Late August/Early September 2023

An early-season apple with fall apple qualities. Crisp and sweet with bright, attractive red coloring. A Honeycrisp/Winecrisp cross

Premier Honeycrisp

All picked out for 2022

Premier Honeycrisp shares many of the same attributes of the original honeycrisp.  Crisp, juicy and a perfect sweet/tart combination.  Ripens about 21 days ahead of Regular Honeycrisp. 


All picked out for 2022

A moderately sweet apple with a nice crunch. One of the most popular apples in America.

Autumn Crisp

All picked out for 2022

An apple developed by Cornell University. Autumn Crip are extra crisp and juicy with a hint of tartness. Excellent for apple slice snacks.


All picked out for 2022

The name says it all.  Recently our most popular apple.  It’s sweetness, juiciness and tartness make it the perfect eating apple. 


All picked out for 2022

An all-purpose apple.  Excellent for eating, baking or apple sauce.  A tart apple with a crisp flesh.  


All picked out for 2022

This apple won’t turn brown and very popular for salads.  A wonderfully tart apple that is great for snacking and baking. 


All picked out for 2022

A true New York apple.  Developed by Cornell University, its unique sweet tart combination makes it very versatile. 


All picked out for 2022

Another successful apple developed by Cornell University.  Jonagolds tend to be on the sweeter side with a hint of tartness.  A great snacking and baking apple that gives off a wonderful aroma. 


All picked out for 2022

One of the most sought-after apples in the fall.  A crisp tart apple with a white flesh.  


All picked out for 2022

One of the juiciest apples we offer.  A great baking and eating apple and known for its large size.  Less pealing!!! 


All picked out for 2022

The flavor is pleasant and sweet, with very low acidity.  A great apple especially if you love galas but want something a little more crisp!!

Ida Red

All picked out for 2022

A great baking apple that works well for pies or apple sauce.  A tart, juicy apple.  

Pink Lady

All picked out for 2022

A beautiful apple that is good for snacking or baking.  A tart, firm apple that stores well.  


All picked out for 2022

Well known for its firmness and sweetness.  The flavor is predominantly sweet, and very refreshing.   


All picked out for 2022

Sweet, juicy, firm and crisp.  The name describes the apple perfectly, and it stores great all year around.  A Honeycrisp and Fuji cross. 

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